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Dr Riddhima has been my physiotherapist for over 4 months. I had a knee dislocation for the second time, and this time around I ended up tearing my MPFL due to which I had to undergo a reconstruction surgery. Having dealt with the pain from my first dislocation, I was dreading my post op care considering it was obviously ten shades worse this time. However, Riddhima was nothing less than a blessing in disguise. She worked at a pace that was comfortable for me, at the same time we saw great results everyday. She made sure I was comfortable and the pain was as minimum as possible. Having some really nice tricks up her sleeves, and being proficient in other things like healing, cupping, etc, the pain was bare minimum and results MAGICAL. Extremely patient, kind and a big smile on her face no matter what. She was kind enough to record videos and send me voice notes so my family could make sure I was doing the correct exercises in her presence. She helped me healed beautifully. It’s very important to have someone you trust as your doctor and Riddhima’s sheer presence will make you feel at peace and give you unmatched results.
Niharika Darira
Digital Marketer
This goes to the wonderful, very helpful, and very sweet founder of Energised Salt - Dr. Riddhima. The foot and bath salts are so refreshing and energizing. Highly recommended for everyone. I also recommend her for pranic healing(She is a brilliant healer) and angel card reading(Absolutely accurate readings)
Prachee Bapat
COO - J's Business Solutions
I know Dr.Riddhima as we stay in the same society. I got to know her more when my jaw got locked during my dental treatment in oct 2020. A very down to earth person, a genuine doctor and a superb motivator. I was suffering from the problem for about a month as my dentist said its a muscle spasm and sometimes it takes time be ok. But when i felt it's too long for a spasm to be ok i was sure something's really wrong. And that time i contacted Dr.Riddhima to get myself checked. My condition so worst that i couldn't open my mouth to even eat dal rice, couldn't talk properly, couldn't brush my teeth, couldn't chew the softest food etc. Dr.Riddhima treated me without any pain only in four sittings and believe me she's the first doctor for whom i was feeling that i should see her again n again.😊 She's such a genuine doctor who wants her patients to be ok ASAP instead of thinking about her fees. Strictly and highly recommended.
Mrs KB
Dr. Riddhima is an angel to me, i have been struggling with my financial issues since covid,with the help of her healing and prayers i have overcome with my fibanchial crises in 2 years and also she started working on removing obstacles fr marriage and growing my business. Her tarrot card reading helped me to take many decisions of my life. I have tried her bath salts, soaps, prosperity spray and charms all made wonders in my life. Her financial healing helped me to clear nearly 5 lakhs loan in couple of years. Her positive approach and kind words helped me and motivated me in many ways. Her products are just wow❤️and can change anyone's life. Must buy: Face oil Romance salt and spray Prosperity spray Charms. Lots of power and love to Dr. Riddhima and Credence.
I have been privileged enough to use Dr Riddhima’s services. I have taken many healings from her which help me recover from my anxiety and depression.I am so glad that I have her in my life in form of blessing. Citing a recent incident I suffered a injury on my hand during December 31. I couldn’t get immediate doctors appointment and I contacted her and she was so quick to respond and took time out to do Pranic healing on me and I got Immediate relief from the pain and made my recovery faster. Talking about her card readings I resonate with her reading every time I am in need of guidance from the angels. And lastly her salts are amazing I take them with me a year stock when ever I come to India.It’s super relaxing after a tiring day or even at times you are feeling low. Thank you so much for always helping me out in every situation. I am so blessed to have you by my side !!! Lots of love and respect for what you do ❤️
Sonam Mhaskar
Thank you so much Dr Riddhima for such a lovely bath salts . I have tried almost all n loved each n every fragrance but I would say u must try ROSE LAVENDER specially . As name suggests it really energieses ur body. Also collection for kids r just amazing. I myself is a physical therapist currently working vth covid patients, at some point u really need to relax ur body as well as mind. Dr Riddhima is a complete package. She is such a good healer n accurate card reader too. I had requested for specific angel card reading many times n she guided me so well every time.I m so thankful 🙏🏻. Also I had referred my few patients to her for pranic healing sessions n I could see d progress in no time. Wishing great success to this young n dynamic doctor as well as a powerful healer in d future. May u help many more people to live stress free n pain free life. Gratitude 🙏🏻
Dr Bhaktti
This testimonial is based on my mother’s feedback. She is using the self love oil from 1 month and it is working so better on her anxiety levels the oil and salts/foot soaks both in combination are helping her to reduce her stress.Absolutely worth the price !!! The fragrance of the oil is amazing.!Thank you Riddhima for these amazing creations !!
Geeta mhaskar
Neha Divekar

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