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Pranic Healing

Healings Offered

Physical and Emotional Healing

Pranic Healing helps to reduce pain, enhances fracture healing, boosts immunity and can be used as an adjunct in curing Acute & Chronic Health conditions like Diabetes & Hypertension.

Psychological Healing

Healing of stress, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions can help you improve your work performance.

Financial Healing

Helps to get rid of any limiting beliefs & poverty consciousness to help you attract abundance, success & prosperity.

Relationship Healing

Enhances your relationship with your parents, spouse & children. Helpful for couples engaging in matrimony & undergoing divorces.

Healing of home, workplace and properties

For a healthy and peaceful home & work environment.

Healing for students

Help your child concentrate better and overcome fears or anxiety during exams.

Yearly charts for yourself or your business to help you plan your year and investments

Plan your entire year for your personal & professional life in advance.

Pranic Feng Shui

Right Feng Shui can enhance your Health & Abundance multifold times. Highly useful for Entrepreneurs, patients & students.

Psychic Self Defence for individuals, home and workplace

Simple techniques to protect yourself, family members, house & workplace.

Crystal Healing

Healing Crystals help to accelerate the healing and recovery, thereby shortening the healing span.

Recommendation of crystals as per the individual’s needs

Crystals can be programmed for protecting yourself, your house & workplace & to attract abundance.

Energetic cleansing of Jewelry

Our Jewelry carries our emotions. Wearing Energetically clean jewelry can enhance your well being.

Pranic Facelift & Facials

Look youthful by getting rid of blemishes, dark circles, acne, scars, eye bags and pigmentation.

Pranic Body Sculpting & Weight Loss Healing

Enhances your inner & outer Beauty and helps to shed stubborn fat and excess weight.

Inner Child Healing

Remove old programming which may be sabotaging you from manifesting your Life Purpose.

Twin Hearts Meditation & Forgiveness sessions for Groups & Corporate Wellness

Helps to relieve stress, reduce Health issues and generates good karma.

Pregnancy, Pre and Postnatal Healing

Helps for a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Healing for addictions

Get rid of smoking / alcohol / internet / mobile / food addictions.

Healing for Athletes

Pranic Healing helps reduce chances of injury and improves the performance of Athletes.

Generational Healing

Some of the current problems we face may be passed down from our Ancestors. With regular Generational Healing, our lives can improve.

Boosting Self esteem and confidence

Overcome fears, old patterns and traumas to help you be the most confident version of yourself.

Skin and Hair Conditions

Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Hairfall, acne, allergies, cysts.

Gynaecological Issues

Healing for PCOD, Fibroids, Dysmennorhea and managing menopause.

Boosting your Immunity

Pranic Healing can help to protect you from infections & can help to heal infections. Highly recommended for Doctors and children prone to infections.

If any appointment has to be cancelled it has to notified atleast 5 hours or more prior. Following which no refund will be entertained.

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