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Rehabilitation Programme Offered

Arthritis and Joint Replacements

Physiotherapy can help patients regain their strength & mobility.

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Proper breathing exercises, pain management, patient education & conditioning.

Work Related Musculoskeletal Pains

Sedentary lifestyle & desk jobs can lead to early degenerative changes like Cervical Spondylosis, Low Back Pain, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome & other issues which can be prevented with proper management & ergonomic advice.

Orthopaedic and post Fracture Rehabilitation

Increases Ranges & strength of muscles along with pain management.

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Helps to delay & prevent age related changes & addresses various health conditions in the elderly.

Musculoskeletal conditions

Cervical Spondylosis, Back Pains, Prolapsed Intervertebral Discs, Ligament Sprains, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Muscle Strains

Cupping and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)

Increases flexibility, exercise performance, reduces pain & releases trigger points. Highly recommended for Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, people suffering from headache / backaches / stiffness.

Kinesiology Taping & Sports Taping

Protects from injury, inhibits tight muscles, activates weak muscles, provides support, stability to muscles & joints.

Balance Disorders

Balance training can help to reduce falls caused due to aging / vestibular disorders like vertigo / neurological or musculoskeletal conditions by training on various stable & unstable surfaces.

Corporate Wellness

Postural correction, Ergonomic advice, environmental modifications & simple exercises which can be done at the workplace to improve the health of corporates & reduce workplace absenteeism.

Group Therapy

We customise group therapy sessions for families, schools, corporates & other networking events to help improve posture & maintain the health.

Telerehabilitation Online Consultation

Receive Physiotherapy at the comfort of your home. Especially suitable for people who stay/work Abroad & are constantly on the go.

If any appointment has to be cancelled it has to notified atleast 5 hours or more prior. Following which no refund will be entertained.

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