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“The first wealth is Health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

My journey as a Physiotherapist began in 2014. As a young Physiotherapist I observed that in
spite of applying the best techniques for my patients, there times were there was a deficit of 5-10 %
in the amount of recovery expected though physically they were much better.
With time & experience it became clear that many health conditions especially Chronic Pain
can have a major biopsychosocial component. Sometimes as Doctors we may sometimes
underestimate the role the house environment, finances, work environment, relationships,
personality and thought processes play. We may not have much control on the house or work
environment, still we can help our patients become stronger individuals. The role of emotions and a
healthy energy body (aura) is vital. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, Healing is faster by treating
simultaneously both the energy and the visible physical body or the energy body alone. After
integrating Pranic Healing in my rehabilitation protocols, I noticed that many patients recovered
faster. As we addressed their negative childhood programming, fears, childhood trauma, low self
esteem, relationship & financial issues simultaneously in their rehabilitation process they were able
to resume back to their work faster.
Forgiveness, breathing exercises, salt water bath & Twin Hearts Meditation become an
important part of the protocols we suggest our patients. As a Healthcare Professional my aim is not
help my patient recover not only from the current issue but also to prevent any health conditions
that can manifest later. This becomes possible with the power of Pranic Healing.


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