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Invest in our Signature Range of Handmade, Preservative Free and Energised Bath Salts, Foot Soaks & Foot Salt Scrubs


Our tailor-made Rehabilitation Programs help you to reduce pain and recover from your injuries faster.

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Holistic Distant Healing Sessions to transform your Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul.

Angel Card Reading

A Divination Tool to help you to take the right decisions in life.

Wellness Products

We at “Credence Wellness” curate our own range of Wellness Products under the brand name of “Energised Salts by Dr. Riddhima”. We curate a diverse range of Bath Salts, Foot Soaks and Salt Scrubs. Our Wellness Products help you to have cleaner aura, induce relaxation thereby improving your wellness and longevity. We also undertake Bulk Gifting orders for festivals, corporates and celebrations.

Bath Salts

Our Handmade and Energised Bath Salts will help you have a cleaer aura, improve your sleep, reduce stress and pain

Foot Salts

Specially curated forAthletes, Marathon Runners and people suffering from Feet Pain due to Plantar Fasciitis

Salt Scrubs

Helps to exfoliate the dry skin on the Feet


“Energised Salts by Dr. Riddhima” & “Credence Rehabilitation and Wellness"

  1. Completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

  2. Learnt Pranic Healing.

  3. Got exposure to treating various orthopedic, musculoskeletal, neurological, pediatric, cardiorespiratory & geriatric patients.

  4. Completed Masters of Science in Clinical Physiotherapy. Started working at
    J. N. Wadia Dispensary & Medical Centre in association with GSBS Medical Trust, Mahim. Further on continued learning in Pranic Healing.

  5. Started “Energised Salts by Dr. Riddhima” to reduce pains & stress.

  6. Started Credence Rehabilitation & Wellness.

  7. Conducted various awareness programs for Women Groups (live & online). Offered Integrated Rehabilitation & Pranic Healing programs for patients suffering from Musculoskeletal Problems. Helped clients achieve their goals with the guidance from Angel Card Reading. Preventive Healings for clients to boost their Immunity during this pandemic.

What people say?

It’s always been a fantastic experience with Riddhima. Your hands are magic and your aura is beautiful. I’ve had the pleasure to try many products and services from Credence and they’ve all worked really well for me. My favourites: 1. Aura Sprays & Energising Bath Salts They’re the best I’ve come across, whenever I need a pick me up I use these to feel my best. I can instantly see a change in my mood after using them. Especially the bath salts. They take away all the negativity and tiredness from a day. 2. Distant Healing From body aches to headaches, my distant healing sessions with you have been great. I go through intense migraines and these sessions really help. I can see a direct change in my energy levels and how I feel for the next few days. Thank you for always supporting helping and healing. 3. Cupping Therapy This is my all time favourite, once a month I do the cupping therapy with Riddhima and it’s the best stress buster for me. I look forward to it every month. Feels detoxifying, relaxing and more importantly the ‘me time’ I need. Will continue using all of Credence’s products. Wishing you the best always. Your customer for life. 🙂
Suniti Jham
Brand Manager
Appreciation for Riddhima Gehi. I got introduced to Dr. Riddhima for card reading session almost 2 years back. And she has become my friend for life. Her card readings are accurate and spot on. Her guidance has helped me to take crucial life decisions. She is very reliable and a genuine person. She combines pranic healing aspect in card reading as well so there is a holistic approach to her readings. She has been my mentor in introducing me to the world of pranic healing and I am truly grateful to her. She is a powerful healer and a great human being. Also she is a fantastic physiotherapist. My parents have taken physiotherapy from her and are feeling lot of relief with the treatment and exercises prescribed by her. And a special mention of her energised bath salts and foot soaks. They are refreshing , revitalising and rejuvenating for mind, body and soul. Bath salts are great to cleanse your aura and experience a calming effect. After a tiring day all you need is her magical foot soaks in warm water and you are energised. Dr. Riddhima truly an all rounder. Thank you so much.
Manasi Inamdar
Healing Practitioner
This goes to the wonderful, very helpful, and very sweet founder of Energised Salt – Dr. Riddhima. The foot and bath salts are so refreshing and energizing. Highly recommended for everyone. I also recommend her for pranic healing(She is a brilliant healer) and angel card reading(Absolutely accurate readings)
Niharika Darira
Digital Marketer

Meet The Founder

Dr. Riddhima Gehi (PT)

BPTh (Mumbai),
MScPT in Clinical Physiotherapy
(Coventry University, UK - Gold Medalist)

Dr. Riddhima Gehi has completed her Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Gold Medalist) in 2017. She is dedicated and proficient in treating a wide spectrum of cases with her diverse knowledge in the fields of Geriatric Rehabilitation, Cases and Pre and Post Surgical rehabilitation. Her vision is to work towards Preventive rehabilitation and help individuals live a long and healthy life.

Since the prevalence of biopsychosocial ailments is on the rise, Dr. Riddhima offers a personalised, holistic and integrated approach for her patients at the comfort of their homes. She amalgamates her Physiotherapy knowledge and expertise with various healing modalities like Pranic Healing, Chromotherapy, Graphology, Financial Healing and Angel Card Reading. The integrated approach developed from the need to heal her patients on all the levels – Body, Mind and Soul. 

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